World first smart condom that tell you your bed style, Pen!s size and detect STI

Technology at it again as a British company claim to have produce the first smart condom that can detect STI and rate blokes performance.

The i-con smart condom look like a fit bit and contain all the statistics  a real man need for his sex prowess.

It give information on duration of intercourse, number of calories burn, number of speed of thrusts, give measurements, and different position used per week and year.

It can also help to detect Sexual Transmitted Disease like syphilis and chlamydia.

The condom is to be kept in a secret place and if customers are concerned about their secret getting out, the Nottingham based company said all secret will be kept anonymous.

The condom in a similar way to the health monitoring device will use nanometer chip and bluetooth technology to relay data to smart phone app.

Users will have the oppurtunity to share their recent data to friends or world.

Over 90,000 people has already order for the product for £59.99 which will be release later this year.

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