We are going to tackle unemployment and poverty – VP Osinbajo

Vice President Osinbajo said the government is currently working on stopping unemployment and poverty.

The plan is to tackle unemployment and poverty  by using micro economy planning.

On Thursday, he said so while speaking in a delegation of senior officials from the World Bank.

The delegation was led by World Bank Group Executive Director for Italy, Mr. patrizio Pagano who visit him in Abuja.

The 10 Executive Director are representing 93 countries from Central America, Africa, Asia and Europe on a working visit.

Osinbanjo said to bring prosperity to the economy they have to tackle unemployment and poverty.

VP Osinbanjo said the government target is inclusion so as to tackle corruption.

“The is tendency to assume that if we get just a number of things right in our microeconomic planning.

” For instance, to promote trade and so on, we would be able to deal with the issues of poverty through a trickle down policy.

“But unfortunately, here, this is not necessarily the case.

“” We might get the micro issues right and still have the problems, especially of poverty.

“In terms of systematic policy, you have to keep innovating, looking for what works, tweaking it here and there.

” Also, if you don’t deal with issues around corruption, it becomes difficult.

“If we allow resources to be pilfered and wasted, then the whole idea of economic prosperity is difficult.

” So we have programmes and initiatives in place that promote accountability, like Treasury Single Account (TSA), and other policies.

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“So, the question for us is how to ensure inclusion or inclusivity, how to get millions of our very poor people into economy, how to structure our budget in such a way that recognises that.

” That is why we set up the N500 billion Social Investment Programmes.

“Though we are not spending anything near that yet, it is an important statement for us to address the question of inclusivity.

The Vice President also noted that Nigeria is playing an important role in the area of security in West Africa.

” Nigeria is very involved in the region in the area of security.

“We promote regional cooperation and we also try to address issues of dumping, and the smuggling of rice and poultry product.

The President of Nigeria has already met with Benin President in Togo to talk on how to stop smuggling.

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