Tottenham need to win Trophy to meet Arsenal success

Tottenham finished last season ahead of Arsenal for the first time in 22yrs as the second behind Chelsea, while Arsenal miss their place in Champions league but lift FA cup defeating the Premier league Champion, Chelsea.

When Pete Cech was asked if their is power change, he said ” I don’t think so”, things don’t work out according to plan sometimes but what matter most to compete with other team for the Premier league. He also insist that the Spur need to win Trophy to match Arsenal success.

We are not competing against Tottenham Hotspur. Two years ago when we finished above them we were disappointed because we didn’t win the title.

“Our target is to win the title and be successful during the season, not necessarily looking at what Tottenham are doing.”

Cech added: “They’ve been there in the last few years so now I think they have to make sure they win something to show the progression.

“Success is ultimately winning trophies. We were under pressure the last couple of years, people talking about winning trophies, obviously we are disappointed not to have won the title but we won FA Cups. Although the season was not always what we wanted, we always had a trophy at the end of it.”

The position of Arsene Wenger as the manager of Arsenal is not certain since his decision to sign two years extension of his contract was disapproved by many Arsenal supporters. Meanwhile, Puchettino has been doing a great job by leading Tottenham to compete for Premier league last season and their win against Real Madrid and Dortmund has grant them their space in Champions league.

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“The big factor was the appointment of Mauricio Pochettino,” Cech added. “You can see from his work at Southampton, he showed that he is very capable as a manager and coach”.

“For me that made the biggest difference because they have young, talented players as well as experienced players, their team is very well balanced. There was always something missing but I would say the difference was when Pochettino came.”

Cech also defend his team mate against a statement made by Lee Dixon that Ozil and Sanchez would have been shown the door if they play during his own time for their unwillingness to sign the extension of their contract with the club.

Cech said, “They are an important part of the team,”  “With the quality of Alexis and Mesut you are always happy to have players like this in the team”.

“But you need them to perform, you need to feel they are committed to the case, I have to say they come every day, they work and as a team we feel that – although there is a lot of speculation, their contracts are different to everyone else’s – you can see they are committed to the team.

“They train well and we hope their form will help us reach the target.”


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