Skales blast followers on Twitter

Skales blast follower

Skales blast folllower on Twitter that call him back artiste

A twitter user was blast by Skales after calling him a wack artiste, Skale who accuse a fellow artiste on Twitter of stealing his sound and selling it was blast by the Twitter user.

Skales call out an artiste for intellectual property theft when the Twitter user see it as a perfect means to insult him.

Skales claim an artiste stole his sound, monopolized it and selling it to streaming platform, he then threaten to sue him.

Skales blast follower

Skales wrote, “U didn’t have to steal my beat…. Take D’s down or u and my label will be sued @dontuffyplugg and u no fear dey sell am on streaming platforms are u OK? Be creative u don’t have to steal my beat record on it have stuff and sell it, if it was for free we would be cool… U bloody dumb ass better take that shit down with ur lazy ass.”

The follower then think that is the best moment to drag Skales into the mud

“Mr wack dissing someone.”

Skales who have no tolerance for what the followed wrote ruthlessly blast him and drag his father into the case.

He wrote: “Ur father is wak bastard… I sack but I dey drop hit wey ur papa dey dance to … no one should ever be lazy and taka someone’s creative property and be selling dumb fu”

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