Shina Peller, Quilox boss save accident victim

Shina Peller, the owner of popular night club, Quilox, was seen sucking fuel to help accident victim last week to rescue them.

It was reported by Saturday Beats that the CEO said he can’t just leave women and children soak in blood by the road to continue his journey.

He said, ‘I did not think I could land in trouble, as it was a reflex action and all I wanted to do was to assist in the prompt rescue operation which was which was required at the time to save the lives of the accident victim.

“I noticed a little child who was soaked in blood; the mum and other passengers were severely injured in the accident. So, I had to do all that needed to be done to ensure no life was lost.

” What came to my mind was just to find a way to help save their lives by getting them through to the nearest hospital.

“That was why I had to volunteer one of my cars to convey most of the accident victims to the nearest hospital before the arrival of the FRSC bulanve which got to the accident scene in an empty tank.

” I had to siphon petrol from a commercial bus before the ambulance was able to leave the scene with the remaining victim.”

He then advice the government agencies to be accountable and do their work perfectly.

“I don’t need the storey to be true. A mishap occurred and I player mmed my role.

” I am happy and thank God there was no loss of life. I just want our public institutions/agencies to be more functional and accountable in the deliveries of their service and duties.

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