Scientist develop sensing synthetic skin for Prosthetics

Prosthetics can now make people without limbs or lost their limbs be able to feel what’s around them with the new synthetic skin.

The development in technology has made prosthetics advance from just making people without limbs to run, climb mountain and so on.

It will now help them to feel stimulus just like the natural limbs.

Researchers have worked out a synthetic skin that can sense touch even beyond the natural skin in some cases.

The challenge faced by the researchers is connecting the sensitivity to the wearer nervous system.

Sensing prosthetics synthetic skin




When you hit your skin or pressure is applied on it, the nerves will receive and transmit the pressure to the brain in form of electric signal.

To achieve this a flexible polymer dusted with magnetic particle over a magnetic sensor is used.

You will feel the effect like drum when I even small pressure is applied on it, the magnetic particle will move closer to the membrane and movement is transmitted.

This research was published on Wednesday in the journal Science Robotics.


The research shows that the synthetic skin can feel extreme subtle pressure like ant crawling, dripping water and so on.

The synthetic skin can even detect slightest pressure the natural skin cannot detect.

Other scientist are currently working on how to transmit the signal to the brain. We hope that achieve that soon.

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