OAU lecturer request for sex from student five times to give her E

Lecturer request for sex from student to give her E

A lecturer from Accounting department request for $ex from a females student five times just to give her E in his course.

Lecturer request for sex from student

The lecturer who told the student in a leaked phone conversation said she must have $ex with her five times before he can give her E.

According to the conversation, the lecturer said the second female has come to her office and she even scored more than the her with a score of 39 while the other lady score 33.

The lady is a final year student of the department of accounting who wrote the lecturer exam but failed it.

The lady who cast the lecturer that demand sex from her pretend to have the $ex with him so that she can leak the secret to the public.

It was gathered that the lecturer was caught in the same act two years ago when he had $ex with a female student to upgrade her result.

The university has take step on the issue to punish the lecturer that request for sex from student to avoid future occurrence.

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