Meet Toyota e-pellete self driving delivery pod

Toyota e-pellete which is currently on display at CES convention is a self driving car.

The new autonomous car can serve different purpose like pizza delivery and ride sharing.

Toyota e-pellete
Toyota e-pellete

Toyota e-pellete is a flexible, all electric vehicle with purpose built interior depending on the user’s need.

Toyota’s President Akio Toyoda said, “The automobile industry is clearly amidst it most dramatic period of change,

Toyota e-pellete

‘As technology like electrification, connected and automated driving are making significant progress.

“Just as important, we are developing mobility solution to help everyone enjoy their life.

” And we are doing our part to create an ever better society for the next 100years.”

The Japanese automabile company venture into the future and partner with Pizza Hub, Uber, Amazon and Didi.

The company is ready to conduct feasibility test all around the World.

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