How to write a good business plan

how to write a good business plan

Writing a good business plan is very good for individuals that just want to or have start business, and your business plan format must be good.

The purpose of writing this post is to teach you how to write a good business plan.

A good business plan is a 30% success guarantee for entrepreneurs. Your business plan include what you have now and what you plan to achieve in the future.

To write a good business plan you need to have a detail knowledge of your product.

You should also know your target customers and areas to sell your product.

Starting a business with small target location is essential for business even if your product is worldwide standard.

If you really want to be successful in your business writing a business plan is very important.

you plan will help you to monitor the growth of your business and picture how your business will look like in the next seven years.

Here are some of the things you need to consider while writing your business plan.

how to write a good business plan

What product or service did you want to offer?

You need to determine the product or service you want to offer your your customers and you plan in the future.

 Know your market

You need to know how big your market is and the things that are affecting your market. Knowing your market will help you prepare ahead of all difficulties you might encounter in the future.

Know your competitors

You need to know those that  are in the market before you, how strong they are and their weaknesses.

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Who are your target customer:

Here you need to know those that will be buying your product, what is there income, and how much did they consume your product of interest.

You should also know their financial status.

How to get to your target customer?

Know need to answer this very important question, you should know the medium of advertisement that will connect you best to your customers.

Who you should work with

If your business require you to partner with people or employ people, you need to get in touch with people that have the ability to execute your plan.

Best plan to execute your mission

You need to decide the best and appropriate plan for you to execute your business plan. you need to determine the best location that suite your business.

Your financial plan

You need to know the amount of money you need to start you business and plan to get fund. You should also know the asset you need to buy.

As the following step indicated above are important, you should also know that how well you render your service or how good your product is goes a long way.

 All the information listed above are very essential before you start writing your business plan.

After finding solutions to all one information, you can then start writing following the trend.

  • Summary
  • Business description
  • Your product
  • Your market
  • Target customers
  • Marketing strategy
  • Employment stratrgy
  • How to execute company mission
  • Financial analysis

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