How to propose to a lady

Is she the one you want to spend your entire life with?, is she your other half?, what are you waiting for man, you have to propose to her.

The way you propose to a lady is very important as she might remember it often.

Make sure you know what she want, is it in the public or private.

How to propose to a lady
Get started with the steps below;

Make sure you choose right

Knowing you love her and you genuinely want to marry her should be prior to you.

Screen the Lady you are proposing to very well to know she is the right one, you can even write the reason why you love her.

Make sure you are not proposing because of family pressure or she want it.

Make sure she is ready for it

Thou it is not possible to know if a lady will say 100% yes to your proposal. This is why you have to find out.

Find out if she has talk of marrying (you), move in with you or having kids with you.

If not try to spring up a talk on it and check her reaction, if she try to avoid the conversation or wave it, she might not be ready.

If you are in relation for few month make sure she is really in for future with you.

Decide on when to propose

No time is perfect for proposing, but your plan can make it perfect. Work on you timing very well and propose when you both have lot of time to spare, when you are calm and not rushing.

Check if there is a special day to her, the time of the year she want to marry, your relationship anniversary, proposing at one of this time with make it more romantic.

Where to propose

Thou you can propose anywhere, but creating a perfect place to propose will have her remember the moment for life.

Remember it’s a very important moment for both of you,

You can propose at her favourite place be it in a cinema, where she love relaxing or her favourite restaurant.

Proping at a romantic place like beach, popular restaurant, picnic and covered bridge is also cool.

You can also propose while doing what the two of you love doing together, and the good thing about this is, she won’t suspect.

Reserving a table at a restaurant is also cool, but make sure you get the best table. You can also prose during your long vacation.

Decide how you want to propose

After knowing when and where you want to propose, there are some things you need to spice things up.

Decide on the manner to propose that suit your when and where.

Here are ways you can propose

  1. You can propose by creating a puzzle or crossword that the final answer is will you marry me.
  2. By hiding the ring and let her do the finding. You can hide it in a chocolate but make sure you put it where she will not swallow it.
  3. Using the traditional way; bend down on one of your knee, hold her hand and ask her to marry you.
  4. You can have a plane to write the word”will you marry me?” While walking with her.
  5. Propose during vacation.
  6. Ask her favourite DJ to make the announcement.
  7. Through an advert she will read.
  8. You can also propose in a public place if she will like it.

After proposing thing of what will follow; it can be a dance, small firework or a quartet playing a tune.

Buy proposal ring

Putting ring in her hand is one of the sign of proposal. Buying a ring she loves will make her really happy.

You can pick one of her ring to get her size, but if you don’t know the type of ring she loves to can ask a in a way she won’t suspect or get a temporary one you will change later.

Please, don’t buy a ring that cost more than what you have.

Dress very well

Dress in your best way when you want to propose to her, make sure you look most handsome, she will really appreciate it.

But if you are proposing during an activity like riding, skating dress in a simple and polite way.

Practice how you will propose to her

Before proposing make sure you practice how to explain your love for her and how to ask the most important question “will you marry me?”.

Also, make sure your proposal is simple, for example;

Khloe, I never think of having someone that will love me the way you do, I have come across many lady but you are special, you are not just beautiful you have the quality every man want. I want to spend the rest of my life with you; Will You Marry Me?


Now the important moment you have plan for. Take her to where you have arrange and unfold you plans.

If you take her to a special place you think she will know what you are up to if you stay too long, propose on time.

If she say yes, congratulation; make sure you kiss or huge her and if no, don’t feel bad she might need time to think it over; please don’t leave a bad impression on her.

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