How to hide Android phone IP address

Hiding your android phone IP address gives you the opportunity to visit sites ban in your country.

You are at the right place if your aim is to hide your IP address for security reasons.

How to hide Android IP address
In this article we will sharing with you some genuine ways of hiding your phone IP address.

Hiding IP address to hack a server is inappropriate and can lead you to trouble, desist from it.

Hiding your android IP address enables you to install any app and visit any site ban in your country.

Government ban some website, video and apps for some reason through hidden IP address.

You can hide your IP address by installing apps on your phone.

Here are top app you can use to hide Android IP address

1. Hot Spot Shield: With Hot Spot Shield you can easily hide your phone IP address. It protect your privacy and identity through encrypted browsing.

Hot Spot Shield provide apps for OS like windows, Mac, Android and IOS. The app is easy to use with User Interference and also reduce your bill.

Hot Spot Shield can help you to change your IP address US, UK or anywhere and protect your privacy.

One of the benefit of hiding IP address is that it will protect your from hackers.

The application is available at any app store for free.

2. Tunnel Bear: This app is the same as Hotspot Shield, it protect your privacy and hide your IP address.

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Tunnel bear blocked visitor’s tracker, statistics tools and some other private things. The app have a very good User Interference (UI).

It can change your IP address to country like US, you just need to off and on to enable or disable your protection.

The application is available on Window PC, Mac, IOS, Android app store.

3. Tiger VPN: Tiger VPN works like Tunnel and Hotspot Shield. It is available in premium and the free version is available for just two days.

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