How to hide Android applications

Hiding application on Android helps to avoid intruder and same time for looking for your frequently visited applications. There are many ways to hide Android apps.

Some latest Android phone like Infinix and Samsung can hide Android Apps without the help of third party.

Some Infinix have Xhide which you can use to hide your application without the Xhide showing on your home scree.

When hiding your apps with Xhide you will set a pin in which when you want to use the application you hide all you have to do is to dial the pin and your applications will appear.

Others ways you can hide your Android applications is by using Launcher like Nova Launcher.

Here is how to use Nova Launcher

  • Download Nova Launcher from Google PlayStore.
  • Long press on the home screen
  • Select settings
  • Select Apps and Widget drawers
  • Scroll down to hide your apps
  • Check all the apps you want to hide

If you don’t want to use launcher to hide your application you can also hide apps by following the steps below,

  • Go to Apps in your homscreen
  • Tap menu
  • Tap hide applications
  • Tick the box on e applications you want to hide
  • Select done

How to hide phone ip
If you want to show your hidden apps after using this method, all you have to do is to go back to menu and click on hidden apps.

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