How to grow vegetables

Growing vegetables at the back of your house or in a pot is really a nice idea. You can use it to exercise at your leisure time.

Before embarking on growing vegetables, it is advisable to do research in the plant that grow well on your soil.

The weather condition of your area is also an important factor.

How to grow vegetables
Here are what you should consider before growing vegetables;

How did you want to plant your vegetables?

Answering the question above is your first assignment, you should decide how you want to plant your vegetables.

Did you want to plant it on the ground, make bed for it or in a container.

You can plant your vegetables in a container if you don’t have enough space for planting vegetables.

Planting on the ground is the best option especially if you are planting very large and your soil is good.

But if you soil is not too good, plant on bed.

Decide the vegetable you want to grow

After researching on the vegetable that fit your environment and grow well on your soil, you have to decide which of them you will like to grow.

You can also decide on multiple planting but if you are a beginner just focus on some.

Here are plants that grow easily; beets, carrots, cucumber, snap Bea’s, bush beans, tomatoes, pepper etc.

The time you can spare and space for farming

Deciding the time you have to care for vegetables will help you not to grow more than your capacity.

You should also decide your purpose of growing; is it for domestic consumption or for commercial purpose.

If it is for commercial purpose you will have to spare quite a lot of time and you need a large space.

Domestic purpose does not require lit of time.

Select good spot for growing

Select a good spot that suit the vegetable you are growing, if your vegetable need sunlight select a place where it will get at least 6 hours of sunlight.

When vegetable did not need much sunlight, select a place that have more shading.

If you are growing in a container get quality soil in you container. If you are growing on the ground make sure you test the soil and add the necessary things if needed.

Sketch how you want your farm will look like

This will guide you while tilling the ground for planting. Decide how you want to grow your plant and sketch on a paper.

The best method of growing vegetables is in a row with 18 inch space between them, growing on bed require less space between them.

 Construct your farm

After sketching, gather all the tools you will need for construction; spade, glooves, wheelbarrow, cutlass, how.

Till your ground very well if you are planting on the ground to loosen the soil, this step is not needed if you planting on bed or container.

Buy your seed

Buy the seed you have decide to grow, you can buy seedling plant if you are planting late.

Make sure you read the instruction on you seed pack before planting.

Plant your seed

Follow the instruction on your seed pack to plant in the right way, chech how deep the hole should be and the number if seed in a hole

After planting cover the seed with soil and wet the soil.

 How to care for your vegetables


Make sure you water your plant daily even if rain fall, make sure you test if the water is enough for the plant.


Removing unwanted plant that can affect the growth of your vegetables is very important.

Add manure or fertilizer

Add manure or fertilizer to increase the quality of the soil and aid plant growth if needed.

If all the process above are followed perfectly your harvest will be very Good.

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