How to get WiFi password that is saved on android 

The development in technology has made the impossible possible, one of which is getting password for WiFi saved on Android.

We will be teaching you how to use third party application like Es File Explorer and in Bahasa Indonesia its Es File Manager to get password for WiFi.

Download the Application at the Google Playstore and follow the steps below;

  • Once you install File Manager ES app on your phone, open the app.
  • Go to Menu (Picture icon three horizontal lines parallel).
  • Tap device
  • Click DAT > misc > WiFi.
  • In the WiFi folder you will see the WPA_supplicant file . conf . Open the file.
  • All the WiFi your phone ever connect to will be on the list, choose the SSID (WiFi name) you want to get password for.
  • It will then show psk ( The WiFi password).


With this information you can get password for any WiFi you have ever connect to without rooting.

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