Teacher that walk 42km to teach student everyday awarded a fan

Teacher that walk 42km everyday

A teacher that walk 42km everyday to teach at a Warvi primary school in Ghana was awarded standing fan during the 61st independence parade at the district.

The award was given to him at Tolon District, Northern region of Ghana.

The teacher, Awudu Kombian who is also the Headmaster does many work in the school and the school is always closed if he is ill or absent.

He said he have to travel  distance because there is no accommodation in the area.

Teacher that walk 42km everyday

He said, “It’s very challenging but as a professional you have to always do your best to see what you van do in the midst of challenges.

“Everyday I have to travel about 42km to go and teach, because it’s a very deprived community, and

places like that don’t have accommodation so even if you are willing to stay there, there is no accommodation for you.”

The fan was presented to him by the district director of education Reverend Georgina Anaada.

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