“Nigeria will remain poor if Nigerians don’t support Government” – Governor Aregbesola

While in Ibadan on Monday, January 2018 at the opening ceremony of three days conference held to honour Prof. Toyin Falola, who clocked 65years.

Governor Aregbesola

Falola is a professor of History whose works has been publish by many international Journal.
The News Agency of Nigeria report that the conference is themed African Knowledge and Alternative Futures was attend by traditional rulers, Academia and Students.

The Governor of Osun State, Governor Aregbesola claim in his paper titled Development, Good Governance and Productivity:

that Nigerians have to support the Government in other to experience the change they vote for.

“Nigeria stand as a cordial element in rallying other Africans together in advancing the cause of African renaissance.”

He said Nigeria is poor and will remain if people do not realize the important of supporting the Government.

“The nation is poor and remain poor. This is because the people do not realise that civilisation requires people to support government from their productibity, while government provide infrastructure.

” The challenge of government is getting able-bodied to engage in productive ventures and earn their living.

“If 60 million able-bodied out of the Nigerians could engage productively, the nation would have up to #1.5 trillion circulating in the economy. I bet it Nigeria will become super in 20years.”

He also said with the status and prestige of University of Ibadan, Ibadan yet Ibadan do not reflect the presence of the institution.

He said if not anything the institution should have impact in the city effective waste and management system.

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Aregbesola also condemn the notorious killing in the country and call on security agencied to come to the people rescue .

“Progress and development can only be achieve in a society where there is peace.’

Governor Ajimobi also talk about the crisis happening in Ibadan over the suspended Oba’s.

He said the disagreement with the traditional ruler is cause by mischief.

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