Government to tackle abuse of codeine, tramadol and other related drugs

Codeine abuse
The Minister of Health, Prof. Isaac Adewole made it known to the public on Tuesday the government intention to tackle the abuse of codeine, tramadol and other related drug.

Adewole made the statement when inaugurating a Codeine Control and other Related Matters working group CCRWG in Abuja.

Codeine abuse

He said the Government will use pharmacist, patent and proprietary medicine vendors to give adequate education on the danger of abusing codeine containing preparation.

The Minister stress the need for pharmacy screening and monitoring as well as surveillance on how to assist and rehabilitate those addicted to drug.


Adewole’s word, “It is a matter of utmost concern to note that the safety and conceen s around the use and misuse of codeine containing preparations frightening in some part of Nigeria.

” The current situation, however, requires deployment of feasible strategies to bring the issue under control and prevent future occurrence,

“Hence, this new initiative to put in place a platform; consisting of regulatory bodies and relevant stakeholders, to come up with a working document for tracking the manace of abuse of codeine and other related substances in the country”

Adewole also said the group CCRWG will produce within four to six weeks, a working document containing strategies;

“Supply management, engagement and monitoring of supply outlets, public enlightenment and advocacy, withdrawal management, continuous surveillance and any other activity that may be identify as additional strategy.”

The registrar of the pharmacists councils of Nigeria, Mr Elijah Mohammed said the Federal government is striving to provide a sanitized drug distribution system;

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“We are also conscious of the test that a large number of Nigerians cutting across different geographical and social strata are already addicted to some of the medicines.”

Members of the CCRWG were from pharmacist councils of Nigeria, NAFDAC, NDLEA, Federal Ministry of Health, Department of Food and Drugs Services, National Orientation Agency (NOA) and various pharmacist association.

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