Company to start producing optical fibre in space

Two companies have decide to take production beyond this earth as they decide to start manufacturing optical fibre in space.

Companies has been ruminating on the idea of manufacturing outside this world and using the space as their site because of its setting.

The space can help to reduce the cost of manufacturing because of its unique characteristics.

Effort has now been made byvteo company to start manufacturing Optical Fibre in space.

Manufacturing optical fibre in space
The two company are Made in Space and FOMS (Fiber Optic Manufacturing in Space), they plan to start the manufacture optical fibers (super-thin strands of glass that is gather into cables to transmit telecommunications data) in space.

The manufacture of optical fibre on earth is affected by tiny imperfection which affect it’s effectiveness.

Effort has been made to correct this using a glass called ZBLAN, but it is too fragile, and makes producing long strands very difficult.

ZBLAN also produce tiny crystal which affect the fibre performance when cool.

The best way which is just discover to get ride of the crystal is to remove the effect of gravity to produce long strand fibre.

Made in Space and FOMS already have a system to produce ZBLAN fibre in ISIS.

Made in Space device prototype is already on board and FOMS will send its device before this year runs out.

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