Chris Brown could go to jail (full story)

restricted monkey fuji
Chris Brown

Chris Brown could face jail term for keping a restricted monkey ‘Fuji’ without permit.

The celebrity who keep the primate in his California home was charge for keeping restricted monkey Fuji without permit from California fish and wildlife.

restricted monkey Fuji
Chris Brown

Chris Brown implicate himself ehen he share a video clip of his daughter, Royalty and Fuji.

In the video he asked his little daughter, “is this your daughter?’, and add ” She will be bigger than you right, y’all got the same size head.

California Fish and Wildlife get several tips on the incident within 36hours and get a warrant to search his house.

AAn employee of the City’s Wildlife and Fish, Patrick Foy says Chris was not around when the search was conducted.

His employee at his Los Angeles home hand over the Primate and Chris Brown also decide to cooperate with them.

The case which is suppose to be hand over to the City Attorney report has not being turn in.

The spokeswoman that confirm this also add to New York post newspaper that ” There’s no information at this time?”.

Because it is illegall to have a monkey in California with permit, Chris Brown will be charge for owing a Monkey without permit.

“We are confident that City Attorney have more pressing problem than monkey business?”, Chris Lawyer Mark Geragos told E News.

Fuji is at an undisclose facility where she is being care for.

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