How to care for pregnancy or pregnant woman

Is this your first time of beng pregnant or did you have a pregnant wife or sister you have to care for, here is how to care for pregnancy.

Often time pregnant women start exhibiting some behaviour like sleeping often, can’t work like before and so on.


Pregnancy is a very critical stage and intensive care must be given to pregnant women.

How to care for pregnancy/ Pregnant women

1. Rest:

Rest is very important for pregnant woman, pregnant women should take as much rest as possible.

If possible pregnant women should take a nap before dinner, around lunch time, always sleep early and have a sound sleep.

2. Stay positive

Listening to horrible news about pregnancy or birth can create fear in the mind of a pregnant women.

Try as much as positive in your pregnancy and birth period.

3. Hire a midwife:

A Midwife will spend more time with you and give you information on nutrition and how to take care of yourself during pregnancy.

Even if you think that you might not give birth at home, hiring a midwife is a good decision.

4. Hire a doula

Having someone to provide support for you during childbirth is very important.

The doula will focus on your emotional and comfort during birth.

5. Add to your due date

Adding to your due date while talking to people will spare you of poat -due-date syndrome where people start calling you if you have given birth.

Normal pregnancy is between 38 and 42 weeks, so adding like one or two weeks to your due date is good.

Women giving birth for the first time avaregely go eight days past their due date. Even that has given birth for more than once do go three days past their due date, sometimes 14 days.

6. Proper nutrition

Pregnant women need extra vitamins, nutrient and minerals for proper growth of the child.

They need 350-500 calories during pregnancy, poor nutrition increase the risk of gestation diabetes and birth complications.

Eating good food ensure the health of you and your baby.

The following food are good during pregnancy; Salmon, egg, sweet potato, vegetables, meat (beef, chicken and pork), and so on.

Regular checkup is also good during pregnancy.

If you have any question or you want to add more information to this article, do so in the comment box.

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