Cardi B expecting a baby

Cardi B pregnancy rumors are becoming a reality

I no longer a strange thing when it comes to rumor about Cardi B pregnancy and she have debunk them in several occasion but this time around she is really pregnant according to TMZ report.

The rapper burgeoning baby bump begin tonsurfave during the Super Bowl over the weekend in February when one of her representative at a Maxim performance told a staffer that she is 3 – 4 month pregnant.

Cardi B pregnancy rumor

After the performance, Cardi B request a staffer to escort her back to the VIP room in Lieu in other to avoid the flow of alcohol and to move away from the party area.

Cardi B and her fiancé, Offset denies the pregnancy rumors with a rep.

Bodak Princess said 3-4 month baby bump will cost the rap star a fortune and put threat on upcoming business deal and other engagement which include a movie role, two month tour with Bruno Mars, and Coachella performance.

Cardi B is trying all her best to continue to flow of her grind. At the iHeartRadio Awards last week, she perform one of her single and featured Laced with black poofy skirt which was big enough to cover pregnancy of at most seven month.

According to TMZ report, the rapper will be due by the first week in July when the pregnancy will be six month.

Cardi B still plan to take the stage at Coachella next month with or without pregnancy.


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