How to burn belly fat naturally in weeks

Many people have been trying to burn their belly fat using fat burner, excess cardio, daily sit up but it never work out.

I can’t lose your belly t because you have been using the wrong approach. You dont need 1000 sit ups, supplement, neither do you need to starve yourself before losing your belly fat.

Here are ways you can lose your belly fat naturally

  • No crunches:

It can even cause lower back ache for you. Doing much crunches does not make you loss fat, it only build your muscle and abs.

Exercise well, weight lifting is good because it helps to relax your body.

  • Eat good food

Eat protein, Carbohydrates, fruits, fat, and vegetables very well. Thou eating junks help to reduce fat but limit it.

  • Reduce consumption of alcohol:

Alcohol always overwork your liver because it always try to clear all the toxin thereby getting on your mission of losing fat.

You can be taking like 10% alcohol but don’t get drunk. Drink water with green tea or squeezed lemon.

  • Consume less carbohydrates:

Unless is you are skinny and you want to gain weight, takes lesss carbohydrates.

Carbohydrate is store as fat if taken in excess, which is how you can get belly fat.

Eat vegetables and protein frequently.

  • Eat well:

Starving yourself is not an option in losing fat, your body will use muscle for energy not fat when you don’t eat.

Also, don’t eat too much, just eat your breakfast and eat every three hours. Eating well will give you energy.

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Taking fat like fish oil is also a way of losing fat, it increase testoteron leven and fat loss. Don’t take Trans fatty fats margarine.

Consume unprocessed food, processed food is not good for fat losing.

Eating protein help to burn fat faster because of it thermic effect, eat protein with all your meal.

  • Check your body

Always check your body to know how you are progressing by measuring your Waist, check you’d body fat, and your weight.

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