How to browse unlimitedly on 9mobile sim

The 9mobile free browsing cheat is now back using a new VPN, AnonyTun VPN, this is different from the one on 51vpn which people complained that it is slow.

It gives you the opportunity to chat with your friends on Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter and co with spending a dime.

It’s back again 9mobile free unlimited browsing using new VPN and Proxy server. You can now browse unlimited using a powerful VPN “AnonyTun VPN”.

With this VPN you can enjoy unlimited browsing on your 9mobile sim as it doesn’t disconnect or malfunction.

The VPN is very fast and stable which is why you have to give it a try.

With AnonyTun VPN you will enjoy the free browsing cheat, it is a free tunning VPN that is fast and free with unlimited server.

It is built just like Xp Psiphon and the only problem which is solvable is ad pop up which you can switch off.

Why you need AnonyTun VPN

  •  Unlimited servers
  • AnonyTun is totally free
  • It auto reconnects by itself
  • Very fast and stable
  • It is very simple to use

All you need to use this VPN is your Android phone with 3G and above network, no data is required.

How to set AnonyTun VPN

  • Set to Default APN
  • Download AnonyTun ( you can get it on play store)
  • Open the AnonyTun you downloaded
  • Click stealth settings
  • Change Stealth Settings on change connection protocol to HTTP
  • Change Connection Port to 8081
  • Turn on Custom TCP/HTTP Headers
  • Click Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers
  • Input the following setting URL;
  • Host: Request method: POST
  •  Injection method: Normal
  •  Tick: Keep Alive
  • Tick: User-Agent
  • Leave other boxes un-ticked
  •  Hit on Generate
  • Then Save
  • Click on Connect
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It will takes some seconds for your AnonyTun to connect, you will see key symbol at the top of your screen once it connect, you can now minimize and start browsing for free.


You can now enjoy AnonyTun VPN freely on your phone with your strong connection and download unlimitedly, don’t forget to share with your friends using the share button.

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