Bobrisky slam Tobi and call him Amebo

Bobrisky slam Tobi for gossiping about Nina, her favourite housemate.

Bobrisky seems not to take it easy with anyone that say anything bad about his favourite BigBrother. Housemate, Nina, as he slam Tobi on his Instagram page.

He said he has never seen a man that gossip about others like Tobi and he also call Tobi devil.

See the post:

He wrote: Nina don’t worry team Nina are voting for u. Tobi is another devil in that house. Have never see a man gossiping stupidity like tobi �. I pity the woman that will date that one. All his frnd will know the sound track of his girlfriend on bed. Tobi is not a guy o ! As from today his name is Bobrisky second woman wrapper ���� Amebo.

Bobrisky slam Tobi

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