Barcelona defeat Roma with the help of Referee – Francesco

Barcelona defeat Roma with the help of the Referee

Eusebio Di Francesco, Roma Manager claimed that Barcelona defeated Roma 4-1 at the Champions league quarter final on Wednesday with the help of Referee.

The manager also mention that there are lot of mistake his team made during the match with a own goal that give Barca a two goal lead.

Pique scored the first goal in the second half before Roma Dzeko score.

Barcelona defeat Roma

Luiz Suarez then scored the last goal at the 87th minute which give them a lead in the visitor.

Di Francesco continue saying it would have been easy for them to qualify if the referee, Danny Makkelie, did not help Barcelona and award his team two penalties.

He said, “Its going to be very difficult to qualify from here but it would be less difficult if the referee hadn’t helped them, especially with the big decisions.

” But we made mistakes and we made it easy for them, which you can’t do against Barca. Daniele has made a mistake, which can happen, then Manolaa was unfortunate with the second own goal.

Roma Manager also said even if Barcelona are not helped by the referee they are very good enough to win ( Barcelona defeat Roma)

“Evidently that’s our fault, but Barca are good enough without help from the officials. Semedo on Dzeko is a clear penalty and then later there’s another one Pellegrino.

Francesco when asked on the scoreline if unfair, he said yes, its the result that did not show his team performance on the pitch.

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” Yes,absolutely, given how we played. We had a lot of chances. I think its a result that doesn’t demonstrate what we did on the pitch.

“We have to keep dreaming, though. Why not? Its a result that favours Barca but I want my team to put on a shadow in front of our fans next week.”

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