Apple Watch Series 4 Specification and Price

At the concluded Apple event yesterday variety of new devices are launch one of which Apple Watch Series 4 is which we will talk about in this article.

The smart watch come in a new design and superb functions. The smart watch is the fourth of Cupertino brand.

The Apple watch series 4 has a bigger screen than any other smart watch ever produced, it also have a distinct specification compared to others.

The watch is available in two size model; the 40mm diameter and the other is 44mm in diameter.


  • Larger screen
  • It has thin edge
  • 64 bit S4 which makes it twice faster than the previous generation
  • It has a processor on the clock

There should be change in the clock software as well because of the large screen. The graphics of the clock is also improved on and you can also generate menu.

The Apple smart watch has so many mouth opening features as it is sensitive to the activities of its user.


  • It will differenciate if the user fall, slip or suffer a blow.
  • Indicate if user had an accident.
  • It can contact emergency number if need arise
  • Recommend if its user is having abnormal symptoms
  • It can also recommend its user to visit a doctor

In addition to the function above, the Cupertino brand watch has electrocardiogram in it. This is the smart watch to offer all these functions.

Users can easily open the watch App and do measurement at their convenience.

The pulsation introduced in the watch makes it possible to measure your heart pulsation which can help to detect heart arrhythmias.

No change is made to the Apple Smart watch battery capacity. The Bluetooth has been upgraded to 5.0.

The Apple watch series 4 is made waterproof and it comes it a very loud speaker.

Apart from the size the Apple smart watch is also available in two version; one with LTE and another without LTE.

Apple watch series 4

The Apple Watch Series 4 has Model with LTE and the second one is without LTE  variant of Hermès and another of Nike +Aluminum and stainless steel.

The smart watch is available in the following colours; Silver, gray, gold, pink gold (aluminum)  black and silver (stainless steel)


The Apple Watch Series 4 will be on sale from September 21 but you can start making reservation from this Friday, September 14.

The smart watch version with LTE will cost you $499 (429 Euros) while the version without LTE cost $399 (342 Euros).

The LTE version can be obtained with operators such as Orange and Vodafone.

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