Ade Lawyer confess he killed many people for former NURTW Chairman Olorunwa

A serial killer, Ade Lawyer has confess that he killed four people for former National Union of Road Transport Workers Chairman, Lagos Branch, Alhaji Akani Olorunwa.

Ade Lawyer said he killed two people oñ the order of Olorunwa during his clash with MC Oluomo.

Be also add that Alhaji Akani Olounwa called him to eliminate Kunle Poly and he agree to pay him #1.5 million which he gave him #500,000 immediately after they conclude in the contract.

He said, “I have been hired to kill many people. I carried out four killing for him (Olorunwa). During the clash between him and Musiliu Akinsanya, alias MC Oluomo, I killed two people for him. He said Kunle Poly  betrayed him and contracted me to kill him.

In his statement ” He told me he brought Kunle Poly into NURTW and that there was a bonus he was entitled to as an ex-chairman of NURTW. He said he used to receive the money, but Kunle Poly block the payment.

“He said as a  result of that, he did not want to see Kunle Poly anymore. Olounwa asked me to meet him somewhere for a discussion, but I told him I didn’t have a car. He personally drove to where I was at Igbosere and we discuss on how to carry out the operation in his car.

” When I was about to leave, he gave me #500,000 and promised to pay the  remaining #1m when the job has been done. He said he met with me in person because he did not want anybody to know about the operation. I assured him that nobody would bear aboutthe killing.

“Unfortunately, we missed our target, Kunle Poly, but killed his PA, Pinero. I called Olorunwa on the telephone to inform him about the development. He started behaving strangely towards me because I missed the target.

” I later called him with my private line and he said he did not want to talk to anybody for now. I told him not to be afraid and that I wanted the #1m balance.”

However, Ade Lawyer  stated that Olorunwa sent him a Camry through his brother, Skopa pending the time he will pay the balance but he rejected it and demand for a Jeep. And he got the Jeep three weeks ago.

Meanwhile, Olorunwa said the #500,000 he gave Ade Lawyer is not for killing, he claim that Ade Lawyer ahas been sending people to him for help.

“There was a time I was travelling to Ede in Osun State, he called me and said he has an accident along Lagos-IbadanExpressway. He was disturbing my boys that they should tell me to help him.

” I did not render the assistance until I traveled to England. While I was abroad, he was sending threat messages to me, saying that if I failed to give him money , he would kill me and my family members.

“When I came back, I called one of my boys and told him about Ade

Lawyer’s threats. He advised that I should give him something because

be is a troublesome person. I then sent him to give him #500,000 to avoid trouble.

” I did not send my brother to give him car. It was my brother who gave him the car on his own. I was

sleeping when my son and one of my brothers eoke me up. They said Skoda had given my car to Williams

“I contacted Abija to help me retrieve my vehicle and he Promised to get it back for me but said I had to be patient.

” What made me to fear Williams most was when he shot dead about nine people who were heading for

Lagos Island from Ajah in a Vehicle. Be also killed an NURTW chairman in Oyingbo.” He said

Edga Imohimi, Lagos State commissioner of Police said while

parading the suspect that the suspects are arrested based on the confession made earlier.

He also said AK47  and Black Jeep was retrieved from Williams ( Add Lawyer).

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