7 Educational gadget you can use to increase your studies and Earn money from

Technology in Education

Education has been expand beyond the four wall of class room, the development of Educational technology has brought about development in teaching and learning.

There are many gadget and social media where student can interact from other student around the world, Thanks to technology.

Educational technology
Technology in Education

Here are 7 Educational technology to boost your academic performance

  • Lore

Lore is a social media where student can follow their professors and interact with them. It also allow document upload, calendee sharing and grading option.

The new setup which users Facebook format allow good interaction between student and lecturers, follow each other and discuss class work.

  • Flashnotes

Flashnotes is a technology gadget that allow you to upload your note online and earn money from it by selling to student that need additional information.

It is beyond the normal spiral note uses by student and it gives more advantages.

It allow the best note takes to get credit for their effort and allow sharing of idea between student.

  • Study blue

This application allow student to use there smartphone as Library for better study. It allow student to organise their course work, flash cards and store notes, and allow them to share material with other students.

Its major advantage is it’s mobility and helps student to find other student studying the same thing with different material and course guild.

  • Live binder

ĪBinder allow educators to collect resources for lesson plan. It akso help student working on big project to search other related binder and share their own.

  • Glogster EDU

The era of using marker to display your project on the board is gone. Glogster gives room for student creativity in displaying their research.

It makes students to text, college picture,video and custom graphics for visually appealing presentation.


Kid blog

It is mainly created for young people, it gives kid opportunity to creat their own blog and connect it to the classroom.

It gives room for teacher to create a blog on a subject or project, and other student and parents van comment to motivate the student.

  • LessonCast

It gives opportunity for knowledge networking and impact positively in global education.

Lessoncast help teacher to submit two minute lesson strategy plan using Video, document or powetpoint

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