Lawmaker claim Buhari did not sign many bills pass into law since 2017

Bills pass into law

House make decision on bills pass into law but not sign by Buhari.

Nkem Abonte who is a member of the House of Representative says that some bills are still yet to be sign by President Buhari since 2017.

Bills pass into law

He made a statement that many bills passed forward to Buhari were neither sign into law nor return to the National Assembly.

House of Representatives speaker, Yakubu Dogara, ask the chairman of House committee on business/rules, Orker Jev,  to compile list of bills that has been passed into law but not signed by President Buhari.

The speaker of the House ask Jev to forward the list after compilating it to the floor for members to take a look at them and decide if they should override Buhari veto on them.

This order follow the complain made by, Uzuma Nkem- Abonta the chairman of the House committee on public petitions on March 8 that several bills passed to the President have not been signed nor return.

The lawmaker cite the provisions of 1999 constitution which state that the President must either sign bill or communicate the withholding of his assent within 30days.

Nkem Abonte the made the suggestion for the application of the provisions of section 58 of the Constitution which give room for the bill passed by the House can be pass into law using two-third majority if the President withhold  his assent.

After Nkem is done with his point, Dogara comment that Buhari always communicate his decisions on bills to the National Assembly, and always give reasons for his actions.



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